We have not just a need, but a human right to single-payer healthcare. Exploitation at the hands of the insurance industry is deadly and immoral. Our planet is facing man-made environmental catastrophes at every turn, and we MUST stand up to the fossil fuel industry for our survival. The American tradition of racism in all of its forms must be extinguished. These issues feel gigantic, even insurmountable at times. I feel trepidation in taking a leadership role in addressing such wide-ranging and deeply important issues. But I refuse to let despair drive me to inaction. Despair is a tool of control in the racialized patriarchy.  

I know first hand the violence of poverty: homelessness, hunger, physical illness that I couldn’t afford to address for many years. I still cannot afford to address it and I’m tethered to a system that is exploiting me for that fact; I’m drowning in school loans and medical debt. But I’m still standing, and so long as that remains true, I will fight to repair the effects of the violence committed against us and the planet. I will fight to ensure that this violence ends now. How many people have to die? We have to seize the moral answer to that question ourselves, together.


Pick Up the Democratic Ballot: March 17, 2020

No excuses: The Democratic Party leadership voted for censorship, expanded warrantless surveillance, and increasing the Pentagon budget; all during the Trump administration. People are suffering and dying. Use voting as a tool of harm reduction. It is not a replacement for organizing and on-the-ground involvement in our communities. Rise up together and make your voices heard!